Now Reading: Blueface’s Legal Troubles: A Deep Dive into His Incarceration and the Impact of Chrisean Rock


Blueface’s Legal Troubles: A Deep Dive into His Incarceration and the Impact of Chrisean Rock

In a candid interview on the “Bootleg Kev Show,” Wack 100, the manager of renowned rapper Blueface, detailed the complexities surrounding the artist’s recent incarceration and the legal battles that led up to it. This article unpacks the key points from the interview, providing a clearer understanding of Blueface’s current situation.


The Inception of Legal Issues

Blueface, a long-time friend of the show and a prominent figure in the rap community, is currently facing incarceration. This development, while unfortunate, wasn’t entirely unforeseen by his team. In light of his jail time, there has been a concerted effort to promote Blueface’s new music and merchandise, a clear indication of the support system rallying around him during this challenging phase.


The Cascade of Legal Challenges

Wack 100 discussed various legal entanglements involving Blueface, including an assault case in North Hollywood and a significant attempted murder charge in Las Vegas. Blueface was advised to avoid Las Vegas while these cases were active, a directive that would later play a pivotal role in the unfolding events.


The Las Vegas Incident: A Turning Point

A key moment in Blueface’s legal saga was an incident in Las Vegas involving Chrisean Rock. Wack 100 recounted how an altercation with a fan escalated, leading to Blueface facing a robbery charge. The incident began with a verbal exchange and culminated in Blueface temporarily confiscating a fan’s cell phone, an action that resulted in the robbery charge.


Navigating the Legal Labyrinth

Wack 100 outlined the strategic legal maneuvers undertaken to address the robbery charge. This included plea bargaining the charge down to a misdemeanor. He also explained the concept of “joint suspension” in legal terms and its relevance to Blueface’s situation. This strategy was pivotal in mitigating the potential consequences Blueface faced.


The Road Ahead: Support and Anticipation

The discussion concluded with Wack 100 urging support for Blueface’s projects, including his new music release and merchandise. He also highlighted the musical endeavors of Blueface’s fiancée, Jaden Alexis, as deserving of attention and support. Despite the current challenges, there was a sense of optimism about Blueface’s ability to navigate his jail time in LA County and the hope for his return to the music scene.



Blueface’s journey through the legal system reveals a complex interplay of personal decisions, legal advice, and unforeseen circumstances. It underscores the unpredictable nature of the music industry and the often tumultuous lives of those within it. As Blueface navigates this challenging period, the support from his team and fans remains a crucial pillar of strength.

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