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Slick Rick, The Great Adventures of Slick Rick – DefJam 1988

Track Listing
1.     Treat Her Like A Prostitute
2.     The Ruler’s Back
3.     Children’s Story
4.     The Moment I Feared
5.     Let’s Get Crazy
6.     Indian Girl(An Adult Story)
7.     Teenage Love
8.     Mona Lisa
9.     Kit(What’s The Scoop)
10.   Hey Young World
11.   Teacher, Teacher
12.   Lick The Balls
“Hark, who goes yonder?
It is I, Sire, Richard of Nottingham.
Well, speak up man, what is it?
News from the east, Sire, Rick the Ruler has returned!
Stop-stop-stop-stop-st-stop lying!”

After conquering the airwaves, dance floors and boomin’ systems as MC Ricky D on Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew’s 12” single, “The Show/La Di Da Di”, the brash Brit released his debut album on Hip Hop’s mother label, Def Jam. Widely known as the godfather of storytelling raps, Rick delivered what is still considered his best work on The Great Adventures of Slick Rick.
From first listen, Rick’s style of being a smooth talking, fresh dressed ladies man was on full display. Proving his pimpin’ ways, Rick shared his adventures with “Treat Her Like a Prostitute,” which was a clear warning for men to be leery of women until they were sure they were not being pimped. Able to control his stable of women and competitors, Rick was also clear to let the world know “The Ruler” was back and did so on the second offering on the album.
“Children’s Story” became a cultural staple, which featured Slick Rick at his story telling best. Everyone’s favorite Hip Hop tale had enough strength to make the album a classic by its self. The verbal picture Rick painted of a stick up kid running form the police, who was eventually gunned down (but not before encountering a female officer, an old man, a spanking shoot gun welding dope fiend and a pregnant lady) was and still is a masterpiece, which knocked any competitors out the box. And showing minimalism at its finest, a simple keyboard and drums made this track that more timeless. 
The Ruler continued to convey his wild escapades on songs like “Mona Lisa.” On this track, Rick Walters introduced his alter ego MC Ricky D and Slick Rick the Ruler which showcased his ability to step outside the story and tell it solely as a narrator. After MC Ricky D kissed the ring of The Ruler, Slick told of a chance meeting with a girl below his royal standards, whom he left singing Dionne Warwick’s, “Walk On By.”
The way Rick would shape shift and become different characters was innovative and revealed the depth and complexities of his imagination. On “Indian Girl (An Adult Story),” Slick told us about Davy Crocket, who caught a tribal dancing case of crabs from a squaw, after having unprotected sex. Although the track may not have been suitable for the youth Rick spoke to, he clearly had a message within his X-rated tale. He put a humorous yet direct spin on an important issue that was affecting our communities at an alarming rate.
On “Teenage Love,” one of Hip Hop’s most heartfelt records, Rick revealed the pitfalls of being in love at a young age and the hurt that could follow. “Hey Young World” was another classic in which he created an anthem for Hip Hop’s children to acknowledge the world was theirs and to seize the opportunity to become a part of its legacy. 
The production on Ricks’ debut was traditional early Def Jam. With Hank Shocklee, Eric Sadler and even Jam Master Jay blessing a track, the beats were solid and set a perfect background for Rick’s persuasive flow. Not to be outdone, The Ruler also contributed to the beats showing his versatility as an artist. 
The legacy Slick Rick left on this album proved he was more than a great storyteller. The Great Adventures… showed two contradictory sides to an honest emcee who was virtually unknown. Slick was able to present both pieces of the coin and remain somewhat of a mystery by encompassing his characters so vividly. Rick was able to spin humorous tales of inner city pitfalls while dropping gems of knowledge worthy of the title, “Great Adventures.” And being one of the most slick and wittiest emcees Hip Hop encountered, “The Ruler” became our favorite storyteller and solidified his place amongst the elite.
Def Lyrics:
Yo peep thisHey Mr. Bigshot… hey, don’t you look fly? But you don’t have a nickle… ohhhh, my my myYou’ve been fighting again and, you forgot whyHey kid, walk straight, master your highWhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…. because you make your family cryAnd all jokes aside, are you in good health? Hey little boy… now have you really checked yourself? You’re a disgust, you know someone that I cant trust, you’dSteal moms welfare… and you’d run and buy some dust, andPlus, a must so… bigshot you’re notYour friends are talking and I’m hearing that your girls are what? You didn’t know? go steal and robAnd while you’re at it… go get a suit for a j-awhh-obYou see you’re acting like this urge is demandingC’mon, wake up… have some understandingSociety’s a weak excuse for a manIts time for the brothers… rap is trying to take the standBelieve it or not, the lord still shines on you deepGuides you… and he watched you as you grew, plusPast the age of… a little child, that’s trueBut folks your age don’t act like you do, soSo be mature… and put the point to a haltAnd if you’re over eighteen… I wish you’d act like an adultDon’t live in a world… of hate hate hatePull yourself together… and get yourself straightMen don’t steal… hey, most don’t borrowAnd if you smoke crack… your kids’ll smoke crack tomorrowSo be more mature… and kids do your choresMake your own money… hey, be proud that’s yoursYou know why, cause that’s a man… that’s brains no spiteStaying out of trouble… when it comes in sightAnd a man never loses a fight… in gods sightCause righteous laws are overdueAnd this is a message that the ruler rick threwAnd it’s true
Def Tracks:
Children’s Story
Hey Young World
Mona Lisa

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